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Wrinkle Killers

So you move your face. We all do it on occasion. The movement inevitably leads to what we refer to as a rhytide, which leads to a wrinkle, crease, line, fold, etc... Many of us prefer not to have wrinkles, so God invented wrinkle killers. (Can I get an Amen?!!).

Most people have heard of Botox as the brand has a catchy name and has been around the longest (in the US). Dysport, which has been on the market as long, is tougher for some to pronounce or remember but also fairly well known. The two newest to the wrinkle killing game are Xeomin and Jeuveau.

So which one is best? Fundamentally they are all Bont-A, which means Botulinum Toxin A. Three of the four have added "preservatives". Xeomin is the only one that is uniquely purified and without any preservatives at all. It's Nurse J's absolute favorite wrinkle relaxer! Dysport is an entirely different concentration and requires a much greater amount of units per treatment area due to how it is reconstituted and dosed. Each one is used for many of the same types of FDA approved indications, however some tend to start working a little faster than others and last a bit longer as well. Botox and Jeuveau generally work within 10-14 days, Dysport 4-7 days, and Xeomin 2-7days.

Pink Medspa injectors provide both Xeomin and Jeuveau for our clients. So if you want to kill those wrinkles or prevent them from forming altogether, then lets make you an appointment. Simply go to our self-booking at and select Xeomin or Jeuveau. We look forward to killing all of your wrinkles and keeping you looking snatched.

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