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Pink Medspa is now offering relaxing KUL CBD facials!

It’s important you incorporate proper skincare in your self-care routine. Not only can taking good care of your skin benefit you by ensuring you always look your best, but you can truly present an overall look of increased wellness by curating skin that looks like you’ve just had a month-long vacation on a tropical island! OKAYYY

When we are stressed, fatigued, and overworked, it really shows on our faces. What once was a glowing, radiant palette of fresh skin is now dull, riddled with irritation, redness, and even acne. Stress can do that, and CBD skincare can help. Using some of the finest ingredients available, CBD combined with probiotics and plant botanicals can restore brightness to skin that is pallid and lackluster.

Schedule a relaxing KUL CBD facial today!

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