Liquid Nose Job

Sounds crazy... but yes, you can reshape your nose with a syringe of dermal filler. Avoid the pain, expense, and recovery time involved with surgical rhinoplasty! Check out this gorgeous nose I did today...

She looks amazing! She now has a huge surge in confidence and can really put her best face forward. I personally inherited my father's nose...thank goodness! My mother had a very pronounced nose with a bump on the bridge and a lot of size to it. I always thought, my mom would be so much prettier if her nose were different.

Even as a tiny child, this nose haunted me. I was so afraid I would grow up and my nose might morph into hers during adolescence or adulthood. Luckily it didn't, but many others were not so lucky. If you feel hosed by a bad nose, inherited the family nose and want to give it back, or just want to experiment with a different shaped nose for fun, we can make this happen. This inexpensive procedure has little to no pain, no down time, no anesthesia, no bruising, and it takes about 20-30 minutes. (Restylane Defyne 1.0ml syringe used in client pictured above)

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