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Get Lippy 💋

Does your lip disappear when you smile? Many of us experience this issue – the upper lip curls in when some of us smile, making it disappear. A quick and simple way to fix this problem is a few units of Xeomin in the muscle above the upper lip!

Using Xeomin above the upper lip helps relax the muscle, which prevents the upper lip from curling in while smiling! This is a great way to balance your smile and look a bit poutier while looking natural.

How long will it last?

Because you move your mouth so much every day (between talking, singing, eating, etc), the toxin wears off a little faster than it typically does in other parts of the face. The lip flip lasts around 2 months on average before you have to come back for a touch-up. 

Nurse J tip: Taking a zinc supplement is shown to extend the life of your toxin! 

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