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Fat Chance...

Have you gained a little weight recently? Do you look in the mirror and see a chin UNDERNEATH your other chin? Fat does NOT discriminate... we get:

Bra Fat, Water Wings, Double Chin, Banana Roll (under the booty cheeks), Muffin Tops, Love Handles, Jelly Rolls, etc...

Let's clear up a few misconceptions right away about fat. You should know that we humans typically have set amount of fat cells, about 30 billion in fact. During childhood or adolescence we can increase our number. If fat cells increase in size so too much they must divide and form more cells to accomodate the demand. Fat cells, aka adipocytes and lipocytes and are categorized as brown or white fat. This doesn't really matter, but these cells are where our semi-liquid triglycerides and cholesterols hang out.

Soooo, why am I telling you this? So you will understand the difference between body sculpting, fat loss, and weight loss- that's why. Body sculpting does not often result in weight loss even though we are essentially removing or destroying fat in targeted areas. To lose weight, we can prescribe a weight loss medication known as Phentermine. *This medication is a great kick-start for weight loss if appetite and over eating are the issue. Weight loss is achieved this way through appetite suppression and a more guided diet plan. This means your fat cells get SMALLER.

Body sculpting, however, decreases the number of fat cells in the targeted areas. This can be done through a variety of mechanisms; Cool Sculpting, Cryolipolysis, Vaser or standard liposuction, Kybella or deoxycholic acid injections, Sculpsure -heat therapy, UltraShape or ultrasound therapy, and lastly Vanquish and truSculp are radio frequency therapies. Some like it hot.... la la la la. Random songs creep into my head when I am blogging. Anyway....

Wow! What is a consumer to do with all of this? How do you know what to do to get rid of that FAT!

YOU are part of your beauty TEAM and need to look at REALSELF as well as other REPUTABLE resources to determine what may be right for you. Additionally, your provider (Nurse Jacqui) is trained to assess you wholistically and help determine the best course of action to get the OUTCOME that YOU DESIRE. Here is how you can help get the most out of your body sculpting/contouring, weight loss, or fat killing experience with Pink Medspa or wherever you decide to go:

1. Provide all of your health history to your provider... it ALL MATTERS.

2. Know your priority areas, what bothers you the MOST.

3. Tell them what you want to accomplish and bring pictures you wish to reference.

4. Communicate your expectations and ask questions.

5. Consider the downtime you are comfortable with.

6. Have a budget in mind and make a plan.

(I recommend you determine all that you want to accomplish first, then have your top 3 concerns highlighted, then work backwards on the budget and plan it out over time to get everything you need.

7. NEGOTIATE. Yes, I said it... Negotiate the prices if you put together a long or short-term plan, negotiate the terms and the price.

8. Commit and get all appointments on the calendar.

10. Prepare with any pre and post care instructions for the various treatments so you will get the best outcome for your $. Your pre and post care will have a profound impact on your results.

A significant part of patient outcome is within your own control. Follow the treatment plan and schedule as well as any pre and post treatment prep. See your provider if something doesn't go as you expect. It's tough to tell your provider that you are worried about or even unhappy with your results.... but DO IT. Everyone is unique and has variations in their healing process- discuss your concerns with the provider first before rushing to someone else or thinking the treatment isn't working.

Pink Medspa owner and staff genuinely care about you and your outcomes. The way you leave our spa represents our work too. We KNOW you are a doll and want you to look like one too!

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