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But-now what? How do I prep before my appointment? Don’t worry babe, I’ve got all the details listed below to make sure you have a 5 star experience at Pink Medspa. Let’s start with how to prep for your dermal filler appointment.

Lip filler preperation

  • First things first; It’s a no go if you’re pregnant or breast feeding. Sorry, momma!

  • Secondly, it does take up to two weeks for all swelling, unevenness and bruising to fully subside. Plan accordingly for events!

  • You can take oral arnica before & after your appointment to minimize bruising and swelling. A topical is available for after, too.

  • Avoid salty foods before and after your injections. Salty foods will draw a lot of moisture from your body and could result in your lips looking thinner & drier than normal.

  • Minimize alcohol consumption 48 hours prior to avoid excessive swelling and bruising.

  • Minimize consumption of blood thinners 48 hours prior to avoid excessive swelling and bruising. If you take these daily, you should consult with provider to evaluate risks.

Now let’s get into 8 reasons why you could benefit from lip filler.

8 reasons to get lip injections

Personally, number 8 spoke to me. & Lastly, a quick reminder of why you should trust Nurse Jacqui & Dr. Jami to inject your lips.

BTW-Have you seen their before and after pics? Click below to see!

Injectors experience

We pride ourselves on highly trained injectors who specialize in pain-free injections and regularly participate in continued education & learning advanced injection techniques.

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