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Blades of Glory

So I am getting MY eyebrows microbladed! It was one of those things I had on my wishlist as soon as I had heard about IT. I AM a trained microblader myself- but honestly have been terrified to get my own bladed.

While I have always liked the shape of my brows, they seemed to be getting lighter and lighter the older I got.  All the while my hair got darker and darker.  Plus, like almost every other girl out there, I definitely over plucked them once or twice in my lifetime!  I recently learned how to pencil them - after only 3 years of practice, and have since felt like I have to fill them in just to leave the house!

So after much searching, I finally found my artist! The one that can give me natural looking brows. No powder needed. Then I hired her to work for my spa immediately. She is filled with talent and ready to take on the baddest brows in the city! We need a “brow-off” or something... only that sounds like the opposite of what is happening. I will work on the name. Anyway, here is what you need to know about this microblade brow biz...


For those of you are wondering what the heck microblading even is, it’s legally a tattoo... but technically a semi permanent tattoo.

The certified technician will use a tiny (or micro if you will) blade (which is really a misnomer as it is actually a series of super tiny needles more than a blade) to cut lines into the upper dermis of your skin so the ink/pigment can permeate. Unlike a permanent tattoo microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin.  Thus, giving you a more natural and authentic hair line.


Not just a one and done sort of thing.  Your first two weeks will be essential in the healing process, but for the entire tattoo to heal it can take up to 8 weeks total.  Make sure to keep the area clean, free of any kind of makeup and no exercising for the first 14 days.


Because the technician is cutting into your skin with the pigment your skin will scab before it heals.  It’s imperative to not pick or scratch at the scabs, as this can cause the pigment to not take.  Of course, picking can also leave scars!

This is the hard part!  It gets down right itchy sometimes. Luckily, this stage was only bad for a couple of days and unless people are super close to you tends to notice.

Be ready to go in for your follow-up! Get the touch-up, you will need it. Watch for our love videos and pics to be added to the website & IG. 💕💋

Now- book an appointment with Ami at Pink Medspa today. She is only available on Wednesdays & Thursday’s to lash & brow you. Even super heroes need down-time!

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