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Where did your Hair go??

Where oh where did my hair go? Who's gone. What matters now is getting that shit back where it belongs!

PRP Hair Growth treatment WoRKS!!! For REAL! PRP Hair restoration, hair injections, scalp injections, liquid gold, microneedle PRP, etc... all means the same thing. The product simply comes from you-- your own luscious blood! Step-by-step, here is what Nurse J will do for you during this FABULOUS procedure:

1. Draw your blood with teeniest tiniest needles- you won't even feel it!

2. Place it into a little merry-go-round, called a centrifuge, and spin it round and round.

3. After the spinning is complete and the red and white cells have been separated, withdraw the gold colored part into several syringes. This is what's known as the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma aka Liquid Gold.

4. Clean area and apply topical anesthetic to the scalp wherever the hair has thinned.

5. If needed, inject subcutaneous anesthetic as well.

6. Inject your own PRP into your scalp where needed.

7. Microneedle PRP all over the areas for full coverage.

8. Clean up area treated

9. Offer a beverage of your choice and talk about post care.

This is non-surgical, SAFE, FDA Approved, EFFECTIVE, and for men and women. The growth factors in your own plasma stimulates hair to regrow and stops the hair from shedding.

Come in or facetime for a complimentary consultation... nothing to lose, but more hair.

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