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What's New?

So many changes!

It is so important to follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our specials and all important changes. We do not solicit/bother our clients with emails, texts or marketing junk mail. We keep it simple by making sure everything you need to know is on our IG pages: @pinkmedspa and @pinkmedspadolls.

Newest Treatments:


This incredible machine does just what it says and tones your body! The bioelectric energy stimulation of your muscles will work your muscles out FOR YOU! It's like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes. Treats arms, legs, abdomen and gluts.


This one uses heat to destroy your fat cells! In just 30 minutes you can start to melt away muffin tops, tummy pooch or banana rolls. This one stings a bit- but you CAN do it!

Laser Hair Removal UPGRADE

We now offer the latest and greatest LHR that includes ALL skin types. Sorry about the grey-hairs guys... you are stuck with those. This treatment is very minimal discomfort and is now lightning fast too!

Tattoo Removal

FINALLY, we can remove that exes name or some other bad decisions from your body! This one stings a bit, but well worth it to be free of the past.

Skin Resurfacing

Erbium ablative skin resurfacing will reset your skin! The surprisingly comfortable procedure is quick and with only a few days of social downtime. Smooth out your face, neck or skin anywhere on your body with this one


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