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You only get ONE SHOT, do not miss your chance to LOSE WEIGHT with our new weight loss program!

Our Weight Loss Program Membership is now available for only $450 a month

Here's the skinny: 1 payment once a month for 1 shot once a week

This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime!

Included in membership

  • 1 shot of Semaglutide +L-Carnitine per week.

    • Your prescriber will adjust your medication based on individual patient needs.

    • Providers inject shots by appointment at Pink Medspa OR can be picked up for self-injection, but ONLY after your monthly payment has been processed. You can pick up 1 shot per week, for each week of the month in advance, if desired.

  • Discounted services to amplify results:

    • B12 Shot $20

    • MegaBurn Shot $15

    • Laser Liposuction

      • Arms $250

      • Flanks $400

      • Stomach $450

    • Body Contouring

      • Thighs $300

      • Stomach $400

You only get ONE SHOT, do not miss your chance to LOSE WEIGHT

Membership Requirements:

  1. A $50 Nurse Prescription consultation must be done to ensure you're a candidate. This consultation can be done via video chat, or in person. If you are not a candidate, no fee is collected. If you opt for a video chat, an invoice will be sent to you to be paid that day. If you have already been on Semaglutide + L-Carnitine from Pink Medspa, you will not need another Nurse Prescription consultation.

  2. A card must be placed on file and will run for $450 on the same date each month; no exceptions.

Membership Information:

  1. Your recurring payment will be set up on the date of your first injection and will be billed on that date each month.

  2. Use it or lose it: Make sure you plan accordingly to receive your weekly benefits

  3. To pause or cancel a membership, a 30-day notice must be given; no exceptions.

  4. If your card declines, a $25 fee is added per month until the balance is paid. If it is not paid in 3 months we will refer your account to collections and no further services can be rendered at Pink Medspa.

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