Undo Summer Sun Damage

We know we are supposed to stay covered and wear SPF 1000 w/ Zinc Oxide at 90%...but we also love that sunshine kissing our bodies. I am one of the worst offenders of overexposing my middle-aged body to worship our sun. So, no lecture here- only options to undo what "I know you did this summer." Haha. Mild to moderate chemical peels are a great way to begin, especially if you prefer a little more relaxing spa facial experience. We offer an array of Image Signature Peels. To get an ideal peel, we would combine two or more peels and customize the experience for your skin and lifestyle needs.

Image chemical peels are specially formulated to address skin care issues associated with aging and other common skin problems. These peels are uniquely formulated by internationally renowned chemists working with a board of physicians. Image Skin Care produces innovative, professional-level skin care products. They are relatively safe for all skin types and tones and will do wonders for sun damage, sun spots, fine lines, large pores, acne, scars, rosacea, and uneven tone and texture.

I, Nurse Jacqui, have personally tried all of the peels and many combinations- since I have about every single skin problem that skin can have. I was pleased with each and every peel from the application to the outcome. The only one that stung was the Beta Lift. This one is 25% Salicylic Acid and works wonders on acne prone skin. I do use it on my teenage son and he is able to tolerate it very well. One client wanted some aggressive treatment for their acne, so I applied the Beta Lift in conjunction with a microneedle treatment. The sting was REAL, but the results were well worth the pain. (and 4 day peeling process) The client wishes the photos not be used, however reports that they will definitely do this treatment again.

The main take away from my ramblings are this... Sun damaged skin post summer can be corrected in several ways. Chemical peels are one safe, pleasant, and affordable way to accomplish this. Image Peels are an excellent option for this treatment and Pink Medspa is standing by with a bottle and an applicator brush to get your skin back to its smooth pre-summer glow! Call, Text, Email, or self-schedule from the website. We cannot wait to see your FACE!


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