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What's it called you ask!? Vanquish, and it's awesome. I'll tell you why:

· Non-invasive technology for fat cell elimination. Doesn’t touch the skin.

· Reduces unwanted fat from the abdomen or inner/outer thighs

· Energy-based procedure that delivers therapeutic heat to the targeted zone

· Heats the fat cells to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The skin and tissue are not affected during treatment.

· The fat cells temporarily remain in the body until metabolized naturally. HYDRATION IS KEY FOR ELIMINATION.

· Ideal if someone is hesitant to undergo surgery or liposuction

· Safe for most patients. Consultation determines if you’re a good candidate.

· Increase water intake the day before, of and a few days after treatment.

· Most patients require 4 sessions

· 45 minutes for abdomen

· 1 hour for thighs

· Some see results after one treatment, most will take 2-3 weeks. Come about every 1-2 weeks for treatment.

· Results will continue for several months

· Fat cells don’t regenerate or recover. Touch-ups shouldn’t be necessary

· For best results, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Strict diet regimen isn’t necessary.

· Return to normal activity after treatment

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